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Yoga and Samskrutham (Yoga & language of Yoga)

for Sanatana Dharma aka Hinduism

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Dr.B.V.Venkatakrishna Sastry (aka Dr.BVK Sastry)


Professor, Researcher, Educator: Samskrutham, Yoga, Hinduism


Language Tehnologist: Shruti-Kranti, Uni-Voice Code

Samskrutham for Computers in 21 st Century : Panini -Patanjali Solutions for 'Humanizing the Web, by Voice-Primary HMI (Human Machine Interface) Architecture using Non-Roman script/Non-English like Indian Language. This is to deliver World Wide Web for All - in user voices and languages, a Truely Multilingual Multomdal progressing from Browser(visual) to Brows-ear(Voice primary) interactivity. _________________________________________________________

Master : Vak-Yoga (Yoga way of Studying Samskrutham)

Promoting Samskrutham study as the the Spiriutal language , beyond the model of social, classical, historic, ritual language; Bringing back Samskrutha Vyakarana study as Spiritual Linguistics (Adhyatma Mantra Bhashaa) and grammar of Linguistic communication Analytics ( Vak-Vijnana-Anushaasana) __________________________________________________________

Education Visionary: Yoga-Samskrutham University                  

           Fostering Yoga-Samskrutham Langauge Excellence