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Dr.B V Venkatakrishna Sastry
(aka BVK Sastry)

Founder Chief Executive:

yoga-samskrutham university

Yoga-Samskrutham University

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About and Writings: http://bvks.mysanskrit.com

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Yogi/ Yogini is a CITIZEN OF NATION: Who is HEALTHY, ETHICAL, CULTURED, CONSCIENTIOUS (SPIRITUAL). Traditional schools called such a citizen as ' Prajaa' who follows 'Dharma'. The States mandate (Royal Mandate= Raja-Dharma, Constitution and Fundamental Rights ,Duties and Responsibilities) is to safeguard Citizens Freedom to Practice, Preserve, Propagate Professions of Dharma.' I Am a citizen of Nation benefited by 'Dharma' , through Yoga-Samskrtuham.
I hereby extend my support by
Gifting Yoga-Samskrutham
to my yoga- brothers and sisters in the world and next generations

Gifting Yoga-Samskrutham to world